I am so bad at keeping track of my life that I come back here just to kill time…anyway…it’s been 2 yrs since I last logged in here but just for the sake of it, I will do my review in 2016.

I haven’t been around for almost a year…what a shame… I can’t think on blogging so much ’cause I’m kinda lazy and sometimes I don’t even find the time or things I wanna blog about but! anyway, I’m gonna post my review in 2014 ’cause it is worth writing. 1. Where were you when 2014 […]

I moved to wordpress, I particularly don’t feel very attached to blogging but once again I will try making an effort in writing here ’cause I want to stop using FB. I had an old blog called PARADOX EPISODE but I will not be writing there anymore…the reason…I want to try using WordPress for the […]

I like to randomly watch video suggestions in Youtube, and some weeks ago I came across this band…   I pretty much loved the song, for those (like me) that can’t read kanji, the band is called きのこ帝国 “Kinoko Teikoku” (Kinoko means mushroom and Teikoku means imperial or empire, so it can be translated as […]